Select few Palindromes

Wont Lovers Revolt Now
Boston Did Not Sob
Live Not Evil
Never Odd Or Even

Hate it when i want to sleep and cant stop thinking of ideas!

Despite having tonsillitis and desperately wanting to curl up in bed yet again for the third time this week iv woken up with idea for my next venture. I am planning to put work up in the Birdcage for their christmas art sale so i shall share with you my progress in this when i get going. Am still to update you what i have been doing all summer and since i went back to uni. Have been incredibly busy but i shall devote a whole day to get some bits scanned in and updating everything properly so you can see my progress! It wont be long iv made a promise to myself and i never make promises without intention of keeping them :)

Bad Sian...

Not added anything for a lonnnggg time scanner has broken and im just lazy. Lots to come soooon though so no worries.

New York Project

Went to New York back before easter had THE best time. Here are few postcards made as part of project for Unit 3.

Year 1 Final Assessment

Archetypes Project showing the detective, the witch, the midas and the lover.

Museum Project